95 Random Facts About Me

             because 100 would just be too much.

For the launch of Feed Your Wanderlust, I wanted to share a little bit  about myself. I mean, why would you want to follow my journeys or take my travel tips if you have no idea who I am!

About my adolescence

  1. I hated being talked down to as a kid and try to remember this when talking to young children.
  2. I went to catholic school from Pre-K to 8th grade.
  3. Regular recess activities at my school included: playing communion with Better Cheddars and bike rack wars. (Don’t ask…)
  4. My friends and I had a major fixation with playing spy on the playground after seeing the movie Harriet the Spy.
  5. I won an art contest in the 5th grade in which my winning poster was printed on beanbags and distributed across New Jersey.
  6. Throughout my childhood, I collected Precious Moments, Pogs, CrazyBones, Beanie Babies, and any and all NSYNC memorabilia. (Let me note that after writing this bullet, I completed the rest of this list while listening to some jamming’ NSYNC tunes.)
  7. I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid. I didn’t obtain this life skill until LAST YEAR when my boyfriend taught me.
  8. I once spent an entire summer playing Final Fantasy 7.

The high school years


  1. I was a cheerleader and track sprinter.
  2. My passion for journalism was ignited my sophomore year by one of my favorite teachers (shout out to Mr. Bray!).
  3. Staying on the topic of favorite teachers… If I could make a living off sitting in on all of my sophomore year English teacher’s classes, I would make that my career for the rest for my life. (Shout out to Mr. McKay!)
  4. The SATs scared the crap out of me. My heartbeat still rises when I think about them!
  5. I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award by running a summer camp.
  6. I somehow wrote a 20+ page paper on the Britney Spears movie Crossroads.

College days

  1. I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism, with a minor in History, from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.
  2. I was a Resident Assistant for about 3 years. I absolutely loved programming events for my residents.
  3. I held the position of News Staff, Special Sections Editor, and Inside Columnist for The Huntington News.
  4. I held co-ops at The Boston Globe, T. Rowe Price, and Boston.com.
  5. Through college, I worked as a hostess and waitress to support myself. Because of this, I absolutely LOVE the book Waiter Rant.
  6. I once entered a pick-up line contest. My entry: “If you were a pirate would you want your parrot to be on this should or thiiiissss shoulder (to be said as you slyly put your arm around the person).”
  7. I took part in a 24 hour, citywide photo scavenger hunt.


  1. My best friend and I have been friends since we were 3 years old. We met at a book fair that our parents were working and argued over what color to color in Mama Bear’s dress in a Berenstain Bears coloring book. We went to catholic school, high school, and college together.
  2. I have one older brother. He is the smartest person I’ve ever met and probably the best big brother in the world… we honestly NEVER fought growing up (I attribute this to his patience and big heart).
  3. After fighting and surviving breast cancer, my mother taught me the true meaning of strength.
  4. I believe that my boyfriend is the funniest, most thoughtful man I’ve ever met.
  5. My family is massive. My mom is one of 4. My dad is one of 13. I have about 45 first cousins and have lost count of second and third cousins and cousins once removed, etc.


  1. Smells: Vanilla, lavender, and Christmas cookies.
  2. Dessert: My mom’s Apple Betty. And simple chocolate desserts.
  3. Movies: Forrest Gump, Singing in the Rain, and I am now learning that essentially every Woody Allen movie ever made rounds out this list.
  4. Drink: I <3 french vanilla coffee.
  5. Food: PASTA! And pickles! (not together… although maybe…)
  6. City: Boston, MA.
  7. Animal: Giraffes and otters.
  8. Music: County.
  9. Sports team: NY Giants
  10. TV Show: FRIENDS. Any Travel Channel show.
  11. Books: A Farewell to Arms. A Separate Peace.

Outlooks on Life

  1. I don’t believe in regret. Every choice I have made and experience I have lived through has made me who I am today.
  2. I believe in mini retirements. Why save all the fun, adventure, and relaxation for my grey days?
  3. I believe you should choose to be happy and positive every day. (I’ve still yet to master this, but I’m working on it!)
  4. I believe you should always learn to be inspired by others, not jealous of them.
  5. It’s important to close your eyes and take a deep breath from time to time. Deep breaths are calming and filled with life
  6. I believe its import to always challenge and question society’s norms for life. If they work for you, great. If they don’t, forge your own path and create your own “norms.”
  7. Women should make themselves feel sexy as often as possible!

Personality/ Skills

  1. I am very shy at times, but truly enjoy when I am able to let go and be a complete extravert.
  2. I am insanely emotional. I found myself crying the other day while watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2…
  3. I’m extremely independent. Since I was a young teen, I preferred to provide for myself. The idea of having to depend on others makes me feel uncomfortable.
  4. I get great joy from doing things for others. I love planning trips for my boyfriend and I, taking friends out to dinner, and buying presents for my family.
  5. I believe all relationship require work, and sometimes a lot of it. I believe that friends drift apart and relationships crumble when people forget this.
  6. I am an extremely driven and goal-oriented individual.
  7. In true Taurus fashion, I can be extremely stubborn.
  8. I tend to be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.
  9. I have a pretty fantastic memory.
  10. I secretly wish I were a punk rock chick. I love Avril Lavigne.
  11. Knowing that I make my parents proud and happy is one of my greatest motivators.
  12. I love documenting my life and travels. Some people get annoyed by my constant desire to take photos, but I think that, in the long run, when they are able to look back at the things they’ve done, they’ll be glad I was so photo crazed.


  1. I like the smell of gasoline.
  2. Needles scare me, but I really want a tattoo.
  3. I can’t whistle to a tune.
  4. I hate almost all forms of broadcast “news.”
  5. People always tell me that I look like Kendra Wilkinson.
  6. I believe napping on the grass in the sun is a truly blissful event.
  7. I hate when people stop loving something just because it becomes popular or even cliché.

On Money

  1. I believe that saving properly for retirement is the easiest way to become a millionaire.
  2. I want to be able to pay for my entire wedding out of pocket.
  3. I celebrate every time I knock $5,000 off my student debt.
  4. Tracking my savings goals through Mint.com is like a hobby to me.
  5. I’d rather be rich with love and experiences than money.

On Technology


  1. I hate reading on computers, phones, tablets, and even Kindles. Give me paperback please!
  2. I’m a Mac girl.


  1. I love hiking. The smells, the views, the personal gratification… I’d do it every day if I could!
  2. Yoga is magical. It’s a work out, a meditation session, and it provides me with a sense of completeness. I hope to master the practice one day.
  3. Dance brings me great joy.
  4. I don’t consider myself to be a long distance runner, but I hope to run a marathon one day.
  5. I am determined to obtain the beach body I’ve always wanted this summer (2012).

Life Goals (not even close to a complete list but just thought I’d share some of my favs)

  1. I will publish a children’s book.
  2. I will be my own boss and become a full-time freelance writer with a concentration on travel and finance.
  3. I will learn to play guitar.
  4. I will learn to speak another language as fluently as possible.
  5. I will always cherish my friends and family.
  6. I will be a regular contributor to the Travel section of The Boston Globe.
  7. I will take my parents on a trip to Australia.
  8. I will make my own wine!
  9. I will host my own travel show (even if it’s only for this blog).
  10. I hope to have two kids, a boy and a girl. I will be an extremely involved mom. Class mom right here! However, being pregnant scares me… it seems like the worst couple of months in a woman’s life.
  11. I will own a lakefront or oceanfront house.
  12. I will become a certified scuba diver.


  1. I have a goal to visit one new destination every year of my life.
  2. Cape May, NJ is one of my favorite places to relax and unwind.
  3. On my trip to Aruba, I did a back flip off a boat while wearing a black dress.
  4. My most impactful travel moment: Climbing the Sydney Bridge at sunset and peering down at the Sydney Opera House. I had always wanted to travel to Australia and I was so proud of myself for making it a reality (it was my first international trip).
  5. My greatest outdoor adventure: Camping around the outskirts of Iceland.
  6. Like Philosopher Lao Tzu and pop sensation Miley Cyrus, I believe that traveling is about the journey and not the destination.I also believe it’s important to remember that once reaching a destination, the journey still continues.
  7. I would go to Disney World and Nashville every year if I could.
  8. I hope to complete every adventure listened in the book Make the Most of Your Time on Earth; 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences.