Megan Jicha

  • My Story.

    By Megan Jicha on September 7, 2013
    I have an unquenchable thirst to experience the world. I’m Megan Jicha, a professional writer with an innate desire to explore every corner of the globe and share my adventures. I have a traditional backstory. Following society’s recipe for life, I: Went to college (Northeastern University in Boston, MA) Worked hard to earn my degree in Journalism (graduating Magna Cum Laude) Gained […]
  • 95 Random Facts About Me

    By Megan Jicha on September 2, 2012
                 because 100 would just be too much. For the launch of Feed Your Wanderlust, I wanted to share a little bit  about myself. I mean, why would you want to follow my journeys or take my travel tips if you have no idea who I am! About my adolescence I hated being talked down to […]