The ABCs of Newport Beach, CA

Feed Your Wanderlust - The ABCs of Newport Beach, CA

In college, my best friend had a photography class assignment that intrigued me: Wander the city to find and photograph hidden letters of the alphabet– be they in signs, the sidewalk, or in the sky. I joined her for part of her shoot and thoroughly enjoyed the new perspective the assignment made us take on our city. Since then, I’ve embraced this photo challenge as a way to get in touch with and explore a new side of a destination. It’s a way for me to take notice of all the small details we often overlook in our everyday lives, and it serves as a gentle reminder that  no matter how well we think we know a place, there is always something new and different to explore.

Below, you’ll see my alphabet scavenger hunt of Newport Beach, CA. I took a full, leisurely afternoon to complete the task and look forward to doing the same in neighboring beach towns.

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